Paint restoration on an historic Georgian style home in
New Bedford Massachusettes

This 150 year New Bedford residence is a good example of Georgian architecture which is characterized by cornice work with tall entablatures and bold frieze designs. These architectural elements have not yet been covered with aluminum coil stock as is happening to so many older homes across the country.

Its been said aluminum and vinyl are final but they too will weather like everything else, eventually looking old and tired. I firmly believe, paint, when installed properly, and not subjected to roof runoff from clogged gutters can last decades and made to look new again when washed with bleach formulated for outdoors (ie quickly and safely decomposes to harmless salt).

Each of the following before and after photos link to the original photographs which have very good detail. To see all the photos I took and their accompaning descriptions of the work preformed visit the link sandwiched between the before and after shots.


paint adheres best to bare wood

Paint removal in process
The Front Doorway
20 photos

oil is harder drying, more durable, and more washable then latex paint

A durable Benjamin Moore oil base finish
two topcoats over a prime coat can last 10 years or more

This hard paint can be removed without damaging the soft wood by softening all layers at once with heat.
The NW Corner Boards
24 photos
re-nail with ring shanked stainless steel nails to keep the wood from moving

The key to good primer adhesion is sanding the wood to remove the smooth finish left by milling (planing) And good adhesion is the key to durability!
oil paint must be thoroughly dry before top coating

Although this paint is not failing and still proctecting the wood, it is atrocious to look at especially with the sun at this angle.
The NE Corner Boards
26 photos
Paint should be applied at temperatures of 70o F, (21o C), ideally, plus or minus 20o F (12o C)

Attention to detail is what will make this paint job durable. Preperation is 80% of the work but the actual painting also requires know how for a lasting quality job.
heat is the best way to remove paint

This side of the house faces the street, reason enough to strive for the best results possible. A good job now will save from having to come back up here for a very long time. You should click on the above photo.
The North Gable End
30 photos
The cornice needs repair as well

The rake crown moldings are unfortunately beyond repair. New one peice moldings were custom milled on site and installed.

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